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The Applied Sciences Department is the mother of all sciences and technologies. It enables the students to know the intricacies of science. It lays the strong foundation on which students may build their future in engineering. The department imparts scientific and humanistic values with technical education. It undertakes teaching programmes in the area of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. It aims at providing necessary knowledge of basic sciences to young and budding diploma students. The Department has well equipped labs to acquaint the students with the world of Physics, Chemistry and Communication Skills, to imbibe in them the confidence to excel in the industries.

From the OIC Desk

A good teacher enables a student to understand, whereas a great teacher enables a student to realize. It is only when students go through the cycle of studying, understanding and realizing that they become good professionals and great human beings.

Dear students, empower yourselves with the wings of knowledge and innovation and with this empowerment imbibe an attitude akin to a positive and proactive thinking, caring concern for humanity and nature and above all, an eagerness to serve and excel in your chosen domains throughout your lifetime. I wish you all the success in life.

Academic and Organization Experience

Dr. Aman Saini
HOD Applied Sciences

GP Kullu Polytechnic
Mail :

Academic Background

M Sc., M. Phill, Phd Chemistry


Sr.No Name Designation Qualification Experience
1 Dr. Aman Saini H.O.D. App. Sciences & Humanities 28 Years
2 Mr. Lekh Raj Sharma Lecturer Mathematics M.Sc. 12 Years
3 Mrs.Veena Sharma Lecturer English and Communication Skills 02 Years
4 Mrs. Babita Sharma Lecturer Physics M.Sc 07 Years
55 Mr. Nitesh Chand Lecturer Physics M.Phil. 15 Years

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